“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

                                                                     -Mahatma Gandhi

In times of distress, humans have been there for each other. However, many-a-times animals remain forgotten, especially those who are strays. Yet they strive on, with no complaints. Feed & Foster is an initiative by enthusiastic and compassionate young students from Delhi NCR through the Purple Patch Trust to reach out to all those animals abandoned and starving on the streets. 

Our aim is to provide food and water to the stray dogs and cats as well as birds that frequent our vicinity, and also to provide shelter to the abandoned. It is imperative to support those who do not speak our language, especially during these everchanging times. As beings of higher intellect, it is our duty to recognise the plight of those dependant on us and help them in any way possible. We reach out to all friends and animal enthusiasts to support our initiative



Numerous animals go hungry every day, living off the scraps found in dumpsters. Many die due to thirst and starvation. The least we can do is provide food and water for them where they can access it. We must be compassionate and provide to the helpless; feel empathetic towards their dire conditions.




Fostering is a very personal decision and not everybody can foster an abandoned animal. Before fostering a pet, ensure that you can support it, both economically and emotionally. If you feel that you are ready to take on the responsibility of having a pet, you could foster an abandoned dog or cat instead of buying one. Remember - Adopt, don’t Shop.

Please do not attempt to foster any of the local fauna such as squirrels, birds or any wild species of animals. Not only is it difficult to look after them, it is also illegal as per the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. 

If you find an injured or immobile local fauna such as monkeys, squirrels, crows or any birds or their offsprings, please contact Wildlife SOS on +91-9871963535 (Delhi NCR region). They will be able to help to rehabilitate them back in the wild.  

Volunteers and Donors

Volunteers and donors are the pillars of any initiative. Here is what we are looking for to make this initiative a success.

Volunteers: Those people who are willing to feed stray dogs and cats and provide feed and water for birds in their own neighbourhood. It is crucial that every neighbourhood or a part of a neighbourhood has one volunteer to feed animals in their locality. They must be able to identify which type of animal is most prevalent in their locality, and accordingly feed.

Donors: Those people who are unable to feed but still are willing to pitch in and donate funds towards the cause. They can also help out by providing food to feeders (volunteers) in their locality.