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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

- Anatole France


The Purple Patch Trust (PPT) is an animal sanctuary that takes in abused and abandoned small animals in the Delhi NCR area. We provide shelter, healthcare and nourishment for all small animals and birds that are deserted, illtreated or neglected by their human families. PPT is registered as a not-for-profit Trust under Trust Act, 1882. The Trust rescues and provides shelter to a variety of small animals and birds such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, lab rats, budgerigars, finches, geese, ducks and other non native species. 

Please note that we do not take in any animals that are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and CITES Schedules. We can suggest animal shelters that can accommodate such animals. 


Although the trust was registered in January 2019, the adoption and helping process began in 2016; when two guinea pigs were left at the Puljal’s residence, by an individual who was migrating overseas. Steadily, small animals that needed a place to live as their human family either gave them in adoption or were rescued from abusive homes started finding refuge at the Puljal residence. Seeing the need to create a safe haven for abandoned and abused small animals, PPT was born.


Since the house was a tad bit small, a small plot of land was taken and all the animals were shifted there which was then turned into a fully functioning shelter. To accommodate all these animals, pens and aviaries were built; and the animals were provided with proper spaces, food and medical care. 

Our main objective to set up this animal welfare organisation is to uplift the status of animals from mere pet toys to being your friend, companion and a family member; and treating it as you would treat another human being. To improve the relationship of existing owners with their pets and create awareness about the harrowing consequences of mistreating animals. 

People bring in pets to their houses without realising that taking care of an animal takes a lot of time, effort and money. Finding that owning these pets is too much of work, people neglect them and end up abandoning them. We have rescued animals that have been handed in through veterinarians, at times found in abandoned houses and worse, in open spaces and parks, without any access to food or water. We believe that small animals and birds, that are normally taken in as pets,  are like babies, that never grow up; once adopted they have to be taken care of until their natural end, as, like a baby they cannot fend for themselves nor even express pain.

Owning an exotic animal has always been a fad and a status symbol, but us humans we don’t fathom the consequences of bringing in an exotic or invasive species. They not only harm themselves but also our environment. Also, housing any native species is against the National Wildlife Act of 1972 and it is punishable by law to own one as a pet.

The trust organises activities, especially children, to improve their understanding about relationships with animals and the need for compassion towards them. 

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