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Let's help abandoned or abused small animals and birds.

If you find  an abandoned small animal or bird, or have one that you own and cannot look after it anymore, contact us. 

If you find any animal being abused, step in - firstly, know the law (read our blog on laws against cruelty to animals in India). Secondly, remain calm and tactfully diffuse the situation by asking and explain not to abuse the animal. Thirdly, if you can do take the animal to the closest veterinarian, get it first aid. 

Please note that it is illegal to keep as a pet, an indigenous animal or bird as they are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. 

If you are an owner of a small animal or bird, and you are in no position to look after the animal, you may contact us. You will need to fill in an 'Animal Intake Form' and make arrangements to send the animal to the PPT rescue centre.   

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